What is Google AdSense and can you really make money from AdSense?

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Are there friends who want to get into the world of AdSense? and do you know what AdSense is? AdSense is an affiliate program or partnership in advertising owned by Google through internet media. So, if you have a website or blog, you can collaborate with Google AdSense. Google is the provider of the ad. How much commission you get depends on the type of ad displayed, the type of ad varies in each country, some countries have a high ad click value and there are countries where ad clicks are pretty low.


For example, if you have an English-language blog, visitors or readers of your blog can come from all over the world, because English is an international language that is used all over the world, now what I know is that the value of ad clicks that are obtained from foreign visitors is greater than the value of ad clicks in our country, this is because foreign companies that work with/advertise with Google are more bona fide/wealthy than companies in our country which tend to be stingy hehe (meaning they only have limited funds in advertising). Some countries that I know have quite high ad click values ​​are America, England, and European countries.

The question is, where do the ads displayed on our blog or website come from?

In addition to collaborating with us as blog or website owners, Google first cooperates with advertising companies, the company pays a certain amount of money to Google according to the conditions set by Google.

Apart from displaying AdSense ads via blogs or websites, it turns out that you can also use YouTube. If on a blog or website, AdSense ads are displayed between articles/posts, then on Youtube, Adsense ads are displayed via video playback. Which income is better between blogs or Youtube, again it all depends on your persistence in exploring the world of AdSense between the two media. If you focus on the blog, the articles must be of high quality and useful, as well as quality. Youtube is the same way, of course, your video must also be of high quality, and must be original, and made by yourself.

I first collaborated with Google AdSense via Youtube in early 2020, at that time I was indeed more interested in making videos, more fun when compared to writing blog articles. Because I really like to record using a smartphone, so playing YouTube by uploading videos, I thought it was the right choice for me at that time. But now, because of the difficulty of getting unlimited internet access, I have swerved to become a content writer or blog article writer. If in the past when playing Youtube I had internet access which could be considered fast and without quota limits (video uploads could be hundreds of megabytes or even Giga), so now I have to use an internet card package that is limited by quota. The reason is that I'm not boarding anymore. In the past at the boarding house,

Actually, if you really want to focus on Youtube, a limited internet quota is not a serious problem, but there are conditions that you must meet, namely, your videos must really be worth watching and of good quality, so that they can attract thousands, tens, hundreds, even millions of views. Imagine if the video doesn't have many views, the internet quota can be wasted, right? Now, this is what I feel I am unable to do, I can only make videos as they are and not of good quality, so I now choose to just be a blog content writer.

If you ask how much I earn now, my answer is "still very little", friend, hehe, but I'm still grateful, and that's a sign that I have to focus more on trying to achieve my target. At least, being able to feed the children and wife is more than enough.

A Deeper Explanation About Google AdSense

Ok, friend, the article above is an explanation of Google Adsense in my view and the knowledge I have got so far, but I think the information above is still incomplete, so at this point, I will explain more deeply about AdSense.

Terms that exist in AdSense

1. Advertisers or Advertisers

As I explained in the article above, that Advertisers or Advertisers are companies or individuals who work with Google AdSense so that their products can be advertised on every product service owned by Google, such as Blogger, Play Store, Youtube, and Google Search Engine. - Blogger Service This service is also called AdSense for Content because AdSense ads will be displayed on websites/blogs that contain article content. - Play Store Service Adsense ads appear on applications, games, and e-books downloaded from the Google Play Store. The name of this AdSense ad is also called AdMob (Adsense Ads Mobile Application version)

- Youtube Service

Also known as AdSense for Video, AdSense ads that appear on this service will be displayed when the video is played, besides showing when the video is played the ad also appears on the right side of the video. - Google Search Engine Service Called AdSense for Search, a blogger can place a search field on their website or blog, and if a visitor does a search in that search field, the search results will be the same as the Google search engine, the blog owner too will get a gratuity/revenue from Google. That's more or less like the explanation, I don't really understand AdSense for Search. 

2. Publishers

As a website/blog owner, I am a publisher because our job is only to display or publish ads from Google AdSense on our own blog. But to become a truly successful publisher, we have to create good and quality article content, of course.

How to Create or Register an Adsense Account?

By simply creating a Gmail account, you can already register the Gmail account with AdSense, to register, just visit this AdSense website link, and follow all the steps given on the page. In step No.1 click "Sign In" if you haven't logged in to your Gmail account, then step number 2 enter the URL/Link of your blog/website in the column provided, then in the column below select your blog's language if your blog's article is in the language Indonesia then choose Indonesian or choose English if your blog article is in English. If your blog has been approved, then the final step is to fill out the personal bio information form.

Actually, apart from going through a blog/website, we can also register for AdSense via Youtube, registering for AdSense with Youtube is easier than registering AdSense through a blog/website. Why is that? Hmm, actually I don't really know the exact cause/reason, but according to the information I've heard that when registering for AdSense via a blog several conditions must be met, such as the number of articles/posts, the quality of the articles, and the quality of the blog template itself (Appearance, navigation menu, privacy policy, widget layout, blog loading)

How Do We Get Paid By Google?

Before being paid by Google, we are first required to verify the address using the PIN provided by Google in a letter sent from the Google Office in America there. To get the PIN, we must first have a balance of $ 10 in our AdSense account, Google will automatically send a verification letter to the home address listed in our AdSense account. The fastest delivery time is 1 month, and the longest can be months. Read my article on Google PIN Code Verification Letters. After verifying, we are required to choose a payment method, which can be via Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers, and Bank Checks.

If our AdSense money has touched the minimum payment threshold determined by Google, which is $ 100. So on the 23rd, Google will notify that the money can be disbursed. I prefer to withdraw money from AdSense income through Western Union because it is simpler and easier to withdraw. Maybe someday I will try to use another payment method.


In conclusion, AdSense can indeed provide income for us as publishers and parties who work with Google, but friends also need a lot of effort and hard work to reach the income target that you want. This is an article about understanding Google AdSense, hopefully, it can provide insight and info for friends who need information about AdSense, or friends who just want to start working in the world of AdSense, I hope we can all get successful together as long as it's always consistent. Amen. Thank you for stopping by my blog, see you again in my other articles, friend.

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