What are Backlinks? Is It Important To Improve SEO?

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Some people who have a website, especially those who are new to the world of websites/blogs, often ask about backlinks. Not to mention there is the next question asking that "does this backlink affect our blog?

I also never knew at first and didn't want to know what backlinks were. I initially just wrote and posted it. Then if I have free time, I visit several blogs/sites, both Indonesian sites and foreign sites to look for references for my next writing/post. After reading posts, I usually write comments, whether it's a question or just a thank you, or admiration. In the comments column, there is a form to write your name, email, and site address. And I fill in all the data every time I comment (depending on the site).

Without realizing it, it turns out that what I have done is put a link to the site I visited in the comments column, and the link when clicked will go directly to my blog. And after I started learning about what SEO is, it turned out that I had done one of the SEO techniques, namely Off-Page SEO by planting backlinks. And this is what we will discuss in this article on Off Page SEO techniques.

What are Backlinks?

Backlink is a link that is installed/embedded on various websites / other sites and directs it to a website. The function and benefit of backlinks are to increase the ranking of a website on search engines and also be able to raise the popularity of blog sites which of course will increase page rank (PR).

Backlink Type

Backlinks are divided into 2 categories, namely:

  • Reciprocal backlink
  • Oneway backlink 

Both will be explained in detail below and will also be explained how and how to use it so that it can be optimally optimized and become one of the best SEO blog factors.

Meanwhile, the types of backlinks based on the type of referral are divided into 2 (two), namely Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks. In this backlink itself more emphasis on quality selection. Where Dofollow backlinks are certainly better than Nofollow links in the eyes of search engines. If you are still confused about these two types of backlinks themselves. It's a good idea to read the previous NIADZGN posts  about:

1. Reciprocal Backlink

A reciprocal Backlink is an agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink within their website to each other's website. Generally, this is done to give readers quick access to related sites or to demonstrate a partnership between two sites.

Examples of reciprocal links or 2-way backlinks that you can get are:

  1. Directory Submit. Directory Submission is one of the oldest link-building strategies known to the internet community. This involves submitting basic information about your website to internet directories on those submitted directory sites. 
  2. Exchange Links. Something like this may have been used by many. Link exchange is one of the most effective ways to create SEO-quality backlinks. However, the condition is that the site that is invited to exchange links must be a site with a low level of spam. Because of course, this will also be able to affect your site.

2. One Way Backlink

One-way backlinks are backlinks with one direction, where only you embed a link to a site/blog/website that allows you to plant your website URL without having to include a Backlink to that website. Here are some examples of implementing Way Backlinks that you may have/have never done before:

1. Blog Comment. 

In the beginning, I explained my experience when I started planting backlinks on a blog using the comments column. In the comments column, we can put a link with the Anchor text method. And of course, it must be according to the rules so that spamdexing does not occur. For the use of Anchor text 

2. Signature Forum

Several forums provide a signature feature every time you post, ask, or answer something on the forum. And in the signature feature, you can use a link that will automatically be listed in the signature. Unfortunately here I do not write a list of forums that can be used to install a signature link. But I will make a special article for this forum's signature backlink list.

3. Social Bookmark

Or Social bookmarking is a way for people to save, organize, search and manage "bookmarks" of web pages. Users save links to web pages they like or want to share and use social bookmarking sites to save those links/links. These bookmarks are usually public and can be seen by other members of the site where they store the link. Examples of social bookmarking sites include del.icio.us and digg.com.

I only explain some of the examples above by type, and I want to include some direct examples that I think will help you in building quality backlinks for your site/blog.

And I'm sure after reading this article, you can understand some of the common forms/types of backlinks that are often used in the implementation of SEO.

Thus the article on SEO techniques this time is about what is a backlink and its effect on SEO. May be useful. Thank you

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