How to Make a Responsive Color Code List Tool, Definitely Success on the Blog

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How to Make and Install the Online Color Code List Tool on the Blog page - to be honest, for some reason every time the admin wants to change the color of the template or tries to try to create colors for this blog, I often open Google to find out the HTML color list, fortunately, if I have provided directly in the Inspect element

what if not..?

....of course not all of us, including the admin memorize all the HTML color lists for the blog, the admin only remembers white (#fff), black (#000), and several other colors 

What if you want to use dark blue or another color code? too hard right.

well, because of that here the admin will tell blogger friends how to make their own color code or color picker on the blog,

the goal is that we no longer need to go back and forth to blogs that have this tool, instead of having a hard time memorizing a list of all the colors, we'd better just make our own color picker tool on the blog

what's the advantage? Isn't it better to see it on Google?

The advantage of the color code listing tool on the blog

1. Tools have their own

must be proud right? have your own color list tool on the blog, instead of using someone else's, we should use our own tool anyway, right? yes or no?

2. Easy to search

Naah..if this one is for sure we don't need to go far to find a list of color codes on other people's blogs, all we have to do is open our own blog, then look for the color code, simply right?

3. Easy to use

What does it mean? so like this.. this color picker tool has been made so that it can be used as quickly as possible, for example when you want to choose a specific color, you can simply click on that color to copy the code from the color you choose

so no need to memorize the code again.

4. Depending on the purpose of use

for this section, the benefits depend on what you use, hehe some are for themselves and some are making this tool so that it can be used by many people (online tools for example)

well, then how do you make it?

How to Make a Color Code List Tool on a Blog

  • First, log in to each blogger
  • then please open a Page or Page if you want to use it for personal use or if you want to install this color list tool in a post that's fine too
  • after the page/post opens, first create the Title of this Tool, for example, the Online Color Code Tool
  • then, change the writing mode to Html mode, how to click the pencil icon on the top left
  • then enter all the codes below into the page earlier

    <div><b>To choose a color :</b> <i>click the desired color and click copy code</i></div><div><br /></div><iframe frameborder="0" src="" style="height: 575px; width: 100%;" title="Color Palette"></iframe>

    after that, Click Publish to save the Tool you just created

    well now, you want to see a demo of this tool, right? what do you think the result will be? for the demo, please look at the menu of this blog, select Free web tools, and select Color code or just click the button below


    well, how are ya? looks good right? for those who ask, the color is still limited, right?

    so like this, actually there have been many color picker tools that admin has tried, but the results were not satisfactory, hehe

    some don't work, some aren't responsive on all devices, and some don't look good

    so according to the admin, this color code tool is the best of all that the admin has tried, but if for example you also have another code, you can share it with the admin too, hehe 

    just send it to the Contact page,

    Okay, that's all for the tutorial for making color code tools from NiaDzgn, please try it and I hope it works... if anyone doesn't understand, you can ask in the comments column

    Always trying, praying, and creative

    𝔀𝔀𝔀 𝐍𝐢𝐚𝐃𝐙𝐆𝐍 𝕔𝕠𝕞

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