Characteristics of a Good Template and the Best Blogger Template 2022

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Characteristics of a Good Template and Best Blogger Template 2022 – When you visit a blog, what do you notice first? Of course, your first concern is the appearance of the blog. If the appearance of the blog is interesting, of course, you will be happier and feel at home reading articles there. Therefore, as a blogger, we must pay attention to the appearance of our blog. The appearance of the blog is influenced by the template that we use. We must have known that there are so many templates circulating on Google with various looks and various features.


In determining the template used, we must not choose any template. Because not all templates have a good structure. Because the template is very influential on the SEO of a blog, then we must use the best template. What factors affect whether or not a template is good? Actually, many factors influence it, including loading speed, responsiveness, mobile friendly, etc. Instead of being confused, just go straight to the discussion.

Factors that affect the goodness or badness of a template

In choosing a template, we must pay attention to many things so that our blog can work optimally. So what are the characteristics of a good template? OK, let's get straight to the point.

1. Simple and clean appearance

A good template is a template that looks simple and clean. For example, when you go to what do you see? So simple and simple looks right? From there we can see that Google likes simplicity. Therefore, use a template with a simple and clean design. It means not many widgets, white background.

2. Fast-loading templates

When you visit a blog whose loading is very heavy and prolonged, surely you will be annoyed and will immediately close the blog. From there we can learn that visitors really hate blogs that take a long time to load. Therefore, use a template that is lightweight and fast loading. To check the loading speed of a blog, you can check it through GT Metrix and Google Pagespeed Insight

3. Easy template

navigation. Template navigation should also be considered when choosing a template. Don't use templates with confusing navigation. Because it will definitely confuse visitors and will make visitors give up. Choose a template where in just one or two clicks the visitor can find what he is looking for.

4. Templates must be responsive

In choosing a template, use a responsive template. What is responsive? Responsive is when the appearance of a template can adjust to the width of the visitor's screen. So that it looks neat and not messy. To check whether a template is responsive, you can check it through

5. Templates must be mobile friendly

Many people think that mobile-friendly is the same as responsive. However, the two turned out to be different things. Responsive is when a template can adapt to the user's screen display. While mobile friendly is a template that must be accessed quickly and lightly via mobile and can adjust to the mobile display. The conclusion is that a responsive template is not necessarily mobile-friendly, but a mobile-friendly template is definitely responsive. The hallmark of a mobile-friendly template is that the blog URL can match the mobile URL. Examples are as follows:

6. Supports SEO Friendly

What is an SEO Friendly template? SEO Friendly Templates are search engine-friendly templates. This means that the structure of the template is structured very well so that it will be liked by search engines. For example google, bing, yahoo, and Yandex. By using an SEO-friendly template, our blog will be easier to enter the first page of a Google search. 7. a good schema markup is code that is inserted into the HTML of a blog template that aims to make it easier for search engines to understand the contents of the blog. A good blog is a blog that has no errors or errors in its markup schema. for that, please check the schema structure of your blog markup whether it is good or not.

Yes, I think that's the 7 factors that influence the goodness or badness of a template. So do not use any template for your blog. Choose a good template. What are the best blogger templates for now? On this occasion, I will give 2 examples of the best 2022 templates.

The best blogger template 2022 that is suitable for your blog

1. VioMagz by Mas Sugeng

Bloggers must be familiar with this template. Yes, this template made by Mas Sugeng is currently booming and is very popular with bloggers. Because the appearance of the template from Mas Sugeng is very simple but the features are very complete. Coupled with a very fast loading speed, making this happy template is even more perfect. To explain further, here is a description from VioMagz mas Sugeng:

About VioMagz

In terms of features and advantages, the VioMagz blogger template takes all the best from Evo Magz and makes it even better.

VioMagz Advantages

The main difference lies in its design. The VioMagz template design is made more modern according to current design trends.

Features/Advantages of VioMagz

  • 100% responsive
  • 100% Responsive on all screen sizes
  • SEO Ready
  • No need to bother messing with the template code for SEO because I have optimized it
  • Fast Loading
  • Fast Loading without sacrificing design
  • Ads Optimized
  • There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTR
  • Support Blogger Theme Designer Features
  • If you don't like the default color of this template, you can change it as you wish through the Blogger Theme Designer menu
  • Using Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup to help search engines understand your blog
  • Icon Using Font Awesome
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • auto Readmore
  • Pop-up Search Form
  • Sticky Widgets
  • Related Posts Widget
  • Cool Responsive Sharing Button
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom error page
  • No Credit Link
  • Others will follow in the latest version.

Here is the display of the  VioMagz template template

2. Igniplex by Igniel

The best template in 2022 is the cineplex template. The cineplex template is a template created by signal. The main advantage of cineplex is that even though the blog displays a lot of images, the template loading is still very fast. This template also has a very good structure so it is very suitable to be installed on your blog. For more details, here is an explanation of cineplex

About Igniplex

Like the tagline, for a better user experience, I designed Igniplex to be comfortable for visitors. The design is simple, minimalistic, and clean, and not a lot of distracting knick-knacks. The menu access is easy and the navigation doesn't make visitors dizzy. This template is suitable for use in various niches. Call it a personal blog, news, tutorials, and so on.

Features and Advantages

  • Layouts v3 and Widgets v2
  • This is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it's obviously very up-to-date.
  • Super Light
  • Serious! This template is made with Javascript which is quite complex so its function does not burden the template. Even the settings
  • already even for those of you who can't code.
  • SEO Friendly
  • No need to bother adding meta tags because I've optimized it. Plus the positive effects of the v3 layout are meta tags and
  • the default structure is good from the start.
  • Ad Position Guide
  • Inside there is already a sign to put an ad. There are even ads that can be placed in the middle of the article automatically without the need for it
  • write another additional script.
  • Pagination (Page Split)
  • Content can be divided into several pages. Usually, this feature is in WordPress. But now even Blogger can try it
  • ith using the Igniplex template.
  • Social Share Counter
  • Displays the number of article shares on social media to find out how viral your blog is.
  • Anti-AdBlock
  • Displays a notification if a visitor uses AdBlock.
  • Sticky Widgets
  • The widget is in a hover position and will stay on top even after scrolling down.
  • Valid Google Structured Data
  • This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  • These days Google loves a good blog when it's opened on mobile. The Igniplex template is already very responsive so it's still cool
  • ethics is open on a variety of different device sizes.
  • Related Post Middle of Articles and Bottom of Articles
  • This is good for lowering the bounce rate.
  • The menu in the header is super cool!
  • Auto Responsive Youtube Videos
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Custom Page Error
  • Blog Paging (Next Prev) with Article Title
  • Breadcrumbs

Here is a display of the Igniplex template

Yep, that's roughly the characteristics of a good blog template and an example of the best blog template in 2022. For a blog, templates play a very important role in blog SEO. Because the template is the first thing visitors see before reading an article. With a clean, neat, lightweight template, and clear navigation, visitors will find it easier to explore your blog. So that blog visitors will increase.

If you are interested in tutorials about other bloggers, don't forget to read my article entitled the characteristics of a good and quality blog article (SEO Friendly). Hopefully my article this time is useful for you. Thank you for visiting 

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